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10 Free Social Media Tools to Grow Your Fan Base

Social media is used for 2 hours and 24 minutes per day by over half of the population. How many would you like as followers?

Agorapulse: Make your audience more responsive by centralizing all interactions.

Canva: Create content faster with tried-and-true templates. You can make creatives, infographics, and other things without being a graphic artist.

Facebook Ad Library: will show you your competitors' ads. Find out what works for your audience, what works for competitors, and what people like. Apply what you learn to both paid and free content.

Google Trends: Shows you what's hot, and posting content around hot topics increases social media followers. You can also see if your topics are gaining popularity. If they're falling, change topics. That means you're on the right track.

Later: Allows you to schedule all social media content in one place. This allows you to post regularly, which builds your follower base.

Mention: Keep an eye out for mentions of your brand and your competitors' brands. This is a good way to discover your target audience's pain points, likes, and consumption habits. This will help you create products that people want to buy and sell.

MobileMonkey: Automate your Instagram interactions with followers. If someone mentions you in a story, automatically thank them, which encourages them to keep mentioning you. On your post, tell people to leave a comment with their keyword and you'll message them the free guide. These actions help you gain more followers and develop a stronger relationship with your audience. This encourages people to share your content and spread the word about you, increasing your audience.

Not Just Analytics: Look at Instagram accounts in your niche to see who has real engagement. Find out which content performs best. Watch for growth spurts to see what's working for them.

Restream: simultaneously go live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. You'll gain more followers, interactions, and sales when you go live on social media.

Social Blade: It shows you who is doing well on YouTube, who is growing faster and has more views and engagement. Study the top-performing channels, figure out why they succeed, and apply what you learn to your own channel.

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