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5 More Scientifically Proven Ways To Sell More Stuff With Less Work

Last month, I gave you ten tips for being more persuasive and selling more stuff.

This month, we'll continue the series with 5 more ways to persuade your prospects to become customers, including a method for completely changing a person's mind, which isn't always easy.

You can also apply these techniques in your personal life. Want to persuade your child to do his chores without complaining, or your spouse to agree to your vacation plan? Then continue reading...

1: Here's How a Simple Question Improves Conversions

Researchers asked potential voters to predict whether they would vote on election day and to explain why.

Those ... read more


A Sales Copy Tip that Breaks a Golden Rule

If you've ever taken a sales copywriting class, you'll know that you never, ever reveal the price until you've justified it.

You must create value, make the prospect want your product, and drive them insane with desire. Then you must demonstrate that your product is worth a lot of money, and I mean a LOT of money.

Only then, and only then, can you reveal the price.

That is, at least, the rule.

But rules are made to be broken, and there are two occasions when you can do so.

The first is when your price serves as your primary selling point. Your prospect already ... read more


This Star Wars Method of Generating Massive Demand for Old(er) Products

People lined up around the block to buy tickets for movies – any movies – showing the Star Wars TRAILER before the 1999 prequel even hit theaters.

Isn't that strange?

Assume you own one of those other films. Would you accept the extra ticket sales if you knew they were motivated by someone else's trailer rather than your own?

Yes, absolutely. Money is, after all, money.

How can we apply this in marketing?

Assume a hot new trend emerges – perhaps everyone wants to know how to use a duck to clean their car (I'm making this up, in case you were wondering).

You have a ... read more

Business Tips

Content Creators: How to Write 5,000 Words Per Day

If 5,000 words seems like a ridiculously large number, you're not alone.

Even when they are trying to be extremely productive in their writing, most people will not write more than 2,000 words on a good day.

But when I put my foot down, I can do 5,000 or even more.

How do I go about doing it?

First, I take some time to unwind. Yes, I sit in my favorite chair, get comfy, and relax my entire body.

Then I set a goal of writing X number of words in the next X number of hours.

Let's pretend I want to write 5,000 words in ... read more


The Ghost Town that Fell into the Sea

Or..., how to ruin your business by ignoring the facts.

Once upon a time, near the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, USA, there was a town called Bayocean.

T.B. Potter, a real estate developer, laid out a town on a sandy peninsula in 1906. He sold 1600 lots and constructed for the residents a hotel, dance hall, post office, stores, and swimming pool.

There was no way to get to Bayocean. You had to arrive by boat, and the landing was treacherous, dangerous, and terrifying.

As a result, the residents decided to construct a protective jetty. The Army Corps of Engineers studied the area and ... read more

Marketing Tips

Are you making these 5 YouTube mistakes?

If you're an experienced YouTube marketer, you've probably already learned not to do these five things.

But if you're new to YouTube, don't worry; these are the same mistakes that almost everyone makes at first, and they're simple to fix.

1: Producing Videos on Almost Anything

It's tempting to make several videos per week, if not every day, just to get a lot of content on YouTube. However, unless one of those videos goes viral, all of your efforts will be futile.

Instead, concentrate solely on content that establishes you as a reliable source. When your growing audience realizes that each and every one ... read more

Business Tips

Mr. Robin Williams

During the early years of his career, comedian Robin Williams struggled with money and made poor business decisions. In fact, he didn't want to deal with the business side of things. He didn't want to hear about contracts, didn't know how to publicize himself, and despite his growing celebrity, he took any job that came his way – even birthday parties.

Imagine having Robin Williams perform at your birthday party. Oh my goodness.

He was constantly borrowing from friends, and there were times when he wouldn't have eaten if someone hadn't invited him to dinner.

As his fame grew, he partied until the ... read more

Marketing Tips

7 Free Traffic Strategies that Convert

Perhaps you're just starting out and don't have the funds to pay for traffic. What can you do to get people to look at your offers and start making sales as soon as possible without spending any money?

Here are seven tried-and-true methods. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you, get started, and you'll be making sales in a matter of days.

1: Perform expert roundups.

Ask a group of experts the same question and compile their responses into an expert roundup article. This could include any and all experts in your field.

For example, you could ask for their best ... read more


The $Billion Sales Technique "2 People 1 Difference"

I've used variations of this strategy to sell courses, software, services, books, and other items. And it's worked every time so far.

You've most likely heard of the $2 billion Wall Street Journal sales letter. It's the one that compares two guys who are nearly identical. They're both better than average students, both personable, both full of ambitious future goals, and they both graduated from the same class.

They meet for their class reunion 25 years later. They both work for the same company, but one is the president and the other is the manager of a small department.

What was the difference? ... read more

Business Tips

Seth Godin - What Is the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

If you ask a consumer to define the difference between a logo and a brand, they'll probably say they're the same thing.

If you ask a marketer the same question, the answers will be vastly different. To be honest, I don't think most marketers understand the distinction, and I'm not criticizing. I used to have no idea, too, because it's confusing unless someone breaks it down for you – not with some B.S. marketing-ese taught in school, but with a real-world answer.

So I turned to a video clip of Seth Godin explaining the difference, and while his explanation isn't particularly brief, ... read more


The 40% Rule to Success

Jerry Itzler invited a US Navy Seal to stay with him for a month in order to teach and train his host.

The Seal asked Jerry how many pullups he could do the day he arrived. Jerry admitted that he wasn't very good at it and only got about 8. The Seal said to take 30 seconds and do it again, so Jerry struggled for another 6. The Seal told him to do it again, and Jerry barely managed 3 times in 30 seconds.

Jerry is so exhausted at this point that he can't move his arms, which is when the Seal ... read more

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