Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

7.5 Ways to Help Readers and Make $1000/Month

If you can make an extra $1000 a month or more simply by placing affiliate links where they will be most helpful to your readers and viewers - your results may vary. But imagine if you could.

This is correct: Instead of thinking of affiliate marketing as a way to monetize your site, consider it as a way to provide value to your readers.

My sales have increased significantly since I made a small shift in my thinking, and now I'm placing far more affiliate links out there and making more sales as well.

Your readers and customers will benefit from using these ... read more

Marketing Tips

How To Write Killer Bullet Points?

Before we begin, I should clarify one point...


“…uhhh… It's one of those writing things with the big dot."


It's also one of several items or lines in a bulleted list.

It's also an excellent way to convey information because people frequently skim the bullet points before reading the rest of the copy.

Here are a few reasons I discovered on the internet NOT to use bullet points (and I am NOT making this up, I swear).

'They' say don't use bullet points because...

1. People will read the bullets first. 
2. Bullet points are boring. 
3. Bullet points are too ... read more

Marketing Tips

What Color Increases Sales?

Color is important when designing your logo or the look of your website because it influences people's first impressions of your company. According to Emerald Insight, color accounts for between 62 and 90 percent of the first impression. This means that the color of your logo or website could make or break a customer's decision to purchase.

Yes, color is that significant.

What color(s) should you use for your business?

That depends on the situation.

Nothing works better than red to draw attention and create excitement. Many companies, including Target, Coca-Cola, Time Magazine, Pinterest, Lego, Kellogg's, Kmart, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, CNN, Netflix, Disney, ... read more

Marketing Tips

Newsjacking Your Way to Fans and Sales

Newsjacking is the act of using breaking news to drive traffic to your website.

Let's say there's a blackout at a Super Bowl event, and Oreo immediately tweeted an image of an Oreo cookie in the dark with the message, “You can still dunk in the dark.” Yes, do you recall when that happened? It was newsjacking, and one free tweet was worth more in sales and publicity than a Super Bowl commercial.

Maybe the news is that a software tycoon just sold his company for $10 billion. You can use that news to drive traffic to your software-based business website.

You can ... read more

Marketing Tips

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Sales Machine

Most business blogs stink. They're used for announcements and fluffy content that doesn't generate leads or sales.

And if that's all you want your blog to be, then skip this article.

But if you want a blog that generates more leads and sales with every post, keep reading.

Instead of blogging, think of your blog as a learning center. This learning center will house all of your website's key content. Visitors will be able to find solutions to their problems and information they seek.

You'll create content that appeals to your target demographic and encourages them to buy. In order to increase repeat sales, ... read more

Marketing Tips

10 Free Social Media Tools to Grow Your Fan Base

Social media is used for 2 hours and 24 minutes per day by over half of the population. How many would you like as followers?

Agorapulse: Make your audience more responsive by centralizing all interactions.

Canva: Create content faster with tried-and-true templates. You can make creatives, infographics, and other things without being a graphic artist.

Facebook Ad Library: will show you your competitors' ads. Find out what works for your audience, what works for competitors, and what people like. Apply what you learn to both paid and free content.

Google Trends: Shows you what's hot, and posting content around hot topics increases social media ... read more

Marketing Tips

Are you making these 5 YouTube mistakes?

If you're an experienced YouTube marketer, you've probably already learned not to do these five things.

But if you're new to YouTube, don't worry; these are the same mistakes that almost everyone makes at first, and they're simple to fix.

1: Producing Videos on Almost Anything

It's tempting to make several videos per week, if not every day, just to get a lot of content on YouTube. However, unless one of those videos goes viral, all of your efforts will be futile.

Instead, concentrate solely on content that establishes you as a reliable source. When your growing audience realizes that each and every one ... read more

Marketing Tips

7 Free Traffic Strategies that Convert

Perhaps you're just starting out and don't have the funds to pay for traffic. What can you do to get people to look at your offers and start making sales as soon as possible without spending any money?

Here are seven tried-and-true methods. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you, get started, and you'll be making sales in a matter of days.

1: Perform expert roundups.

Ask a group of experts the same question and compile their responses into an expert roundup article. This could include any and all experts in your field.

For example, you could ask for their best ... read more

Marketing Tips

Seth Godin - What Is the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

If you ask a consumer to define the difference between a logo and a brand, they'll probably say they're the same thing.

If you ask a marketer the same question, the answers will be vastly different. To be honest, I don't think most marketers understand the distinction, and I'm not criticizing. I used to have no idea, too, because it's confusing unless someone breaks it down for you – not with some B.S. marketing-ese taught in school, but with a real-world answer.

So I turned to a video clip of Seth Godin explaining the difference, and while his explanation isn't particularly brief, ... read more

Marketing Tips

Growth Hacking: Increase Traffic and Customers through Integrations

If you've never considered integrating your business with another service or product that your customers already use, you should take notice of this trend.

Companies and entrepreneurs are collaborating with non-competing entities to reach the same customers, significantly increase traffic and sales, and keep their customers for a much longer period of time.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Determine who your customers are.

If you don't know who your customers are, you won't be able to find them or make money from them. Whatever your product or service is, the fact remains that NOT EVERYONE is your customer.

I'm not sure why marketers ... read more

Marketing Tips

Do Your Landing Page Images Stink?

If the images on your landing pages aren't increasing conversions, it's time to change them.

Everything on your landing page should contribute to a higher conversion rate, or it does not belong there.

And yet, time and again, I see those cheesy 1990s stock images that tell me the marketer who put that page together has no idea what she's doing.

Worse, there is no image at all. Of course, if you've tested a powerful image against no image and found that not having an image converted better, that's fantastic.

It is also an exception because having a great image on your landing page ... read more

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