Special Reports

Special Reports

5 More Scientifically Proven Ways To Sell More Stuff With Less Work

Last month, I gave you ten tips for being more persuasive and selling more stuff.

This month, we'll continue the series with 5 more ways to persuade your prospects to become customers, including a method for completely changing a person's mind, which isn't always easy.

You can also apply these techniques in your personal life. Want to persuade your child to do his chores without complaining, or your spouse to agree to your vacation plan? Then continue reading...

1: Here's How a Simple Question Improves Conversions

Researchers asked potential voters to predict whether they would vote on election day and to explain why.

Those ... read more

Special Reports

10 Scientifically Proven Methods for Selling More Stuff with Less Work

It's the ultimate marketing fantasy: you press a button, send an email, and money pours into your bank account.

But, before that can happen, a lot of work must be put into things like finding or creating the right products for the right audience, locating that audience, and then convincing them to buy what you want to sell.

Which brings us to today's topic: how do you persuade people to buy? How can you make persuasiveness second nature to you, so that no matter what you do – write an email, a sales letter, or a blog post – your copy moves ... read more

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