How to Repurpose Content for Better SEO

How to Repurpose Content for Better SEO

Here's a quick tip for getting free Google traffic by simply tailoring content to specific niches.

Assume you've written an authoritative piece on how to start a profitable blog. You go through the entire process of finding a niche, creating posts, and earning money. You worked very hard on this article and are very proud of it.

You'll now tailor your article to different niches in order to leverage your work and get free traffic. "How to Start a Pet Blog," "How to Start a Home Health Care Blog," "How to Start a Travel Blog," "How ... read more


Book: The Cold Start Problem – How to Start and Scale Network Effects

You have a new product or service to launch. But you and your product are unknown. How do you get those early adopters? How do you turn those early adopters into more market share?

Andrew Chen's new book "The Cold Start Problem" aims to explain how to start, grow, and defend successful businesses.

It's hard to gain momentum when there are no existing users, just like starting a cold car engine.

And if you don't solve the cold start issue quickly, your new product may die.

“A network effect occurs when a product's value increases as more people use it,” Chen writes. Consider a ... read more


A Sales Copy Tip that Breaks a Golden Rule

If you've ever taken a sales copywriting class, you'll know that you never, ever reveal the price until you've justified it.

You must create value, make the prospect want your product, and drive them insane with desire. Then you must demonstrate that your product is worth a lot of money, and I mean a LOT of money.

Only then, and only then, can you reveal the price.

That is, at least, the rule.

But rules are made to be broken, and there are two occasions when you can do so.

The first is when your price serves as your primary selling point. Your prospect already ... read more


This Star Wars Method of Generating Massive Demand for Old(er) Products

People lined up around the block to buy tickets for movies – any movies – showing the Star Wars TRAILER before the 1999 prequel even hit theaters.

Isn't that strange?

Assume you own one of those other films. Would you accept the extra ticket sales if you knew they were motivated by someone else's trailer rather than your own?

Yes, absolutely. Money is, after all, money.

How can we apply this in marketing?

Assume a hot new trend emerges – perhaps everyone wants to know how to use a duck to clean their car (I'm making this up, in case you were wondering).

You have a ... read more


The Ghost Town that Fell into the Sea

Or..., how to ruin your business by ignoring the facts.

Once upon a time, near the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, USA, there was a town called Bayocean.

T.B. Potter, a real estate developer, laid out a town on a sandy peninsula in 1906. He sold 1600 lots and constructed for the residents a hotel, dance hall, post office, stores, and swimming pool.

There was no way to get to Bayocean. You had to arrive by boat, and the landing was treacherous, dangerous, and terrifying.

As a result, the residents decided to construct a protective jetty. The Army Corps of Engineers studied the area and ... read more


The $Billion Sales Technique "2 People 1 Difference"

I've used variations of this strategy to sell courses, software, services, books, and other items. And it's worked every time so far.

You've most likely heard of the $2 billion Wall Street Journal sales letter. It's the one that compares two guys who are nearly identical. They're both better than average students, both personable, both full of ambitious future goals, and they both graduated from the same class.

They meet for their class reunion 25 years later. They both work for the same company, but one is the president and the other is the manager of a small department.

What was the difference? ... read more


The Number One Reason JVZoo Products Fail

Some marketers strike gold with their first product and then wonder why their second, third, and fourth products fail to sell.

Or, despite following the advice to "create products that solve problems," they never create a successful product.

They discovered a problem. They figured it out. However, the solution they devised is unpopular.

Log in to JVZoo or Warriorplus and look through all of the products that have sold 10 or fewer copies.

What do these products have in common, assuming they were promoted and shown to potential buyers?

They don't solve a problem that buyers have.

It's one thing to identify a problem and devise ... read more


The Smarties Guide to Content

Edward Dee moved his family from England to New Jersey, USA, in January 1949. He rented a space, installed two machines, and began producing Smarties®, a candy wafer roll.

If you've ever tried one of these, you'll know that each roll contains 15 disc-shaped candies in a variety of colors and flavors. When you put one in your mouth, you'll get a pleasant, mild taste of... something.

It's not always easy to figure out what the flavors are, and that's because there isn't always enough of it to truly make an impression.

So, what do you do while you're munching on these little ... read more


Can't Write a Good Headline?

Writing headlines that are powerful, catch the reader's attention, draw the reader into your copy, and SELL is difficult.

It takes effort. Error and trial. Brainstorming. Research.

What exactly is the purpose of this product? What is the ONE OUTSTANDING advantage? In a small headline, how do you convey this benefit?

I can tell you're stressed just thinking about it. Or maybe that's just me projecting my feelings onto you, because I'm feeling the same way.

Writing headlines is difficult for one reason: the words you choose have a lot riding on them, especially when it comes to the headline for your sales copy.

The ... read more


This will DOUBLE The Impact of Testimonials

If you do this one thing, testimonials, testimonial headlines, and even regular headlines are twice as likely to be read by your prospect...

...add quotation marks

Consider this difference:

For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!


“For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!”

Quotation marks lend instant credibility to your copy.

And because the second example is more noticeable, it is twice as likely to be read. This trick can even be used on headlines to get skimmers to STOP and pay attention.

Here's another neat trick for getting testimonials:

Determine what your customer desires, and then use a quote to demonstrate that they ... read more


The Statistic That Terrifies Marketers

You've most likely heard this before...

And I had previously ignored it. Why? Because you had no idea what to do about it.

"Eight out of ten people will read your headline, but only two will read the rest of your landing page."


If you have a bad headline, you will have a bad conversion rate. And the only way to fix this – the ONLY way – is to work on that headline and compare it to other headlines to see which works best. This gives you control, and you continue to test it against other headlines until something beats your control ... read more


The Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistake

Most Instagram marketers believe that by commenting and engaging with people who have millions of followers, they will gain customers.

But that's like throwing a pebble into the ocean and expecting a tidal wave to form.

Follow people in your industry who have fewer than 10,000 followers instead. There are bound to be movers and shakers in your niche who do not prioritize gaining Instagram followers, which is why they only have a few hundred or a few thousand.

And they will pay attention if you make a thoughtful comment on something they said. To continue our analogy, you're now dropping a boulder ... read more


I don't have time to make a plan!

"I don't have time to make a plan!"

Have you ever felt so behind on your work that you didn't have time to plan?

Planning is similar to exercising in that the more you do it, the better you feel and the more you accomplish.

When people who are overworked take the time to exercise, they become more productive. Exercising, in fact, SAVES them time.

The same is true for planning. You become more productive and less stressed by devoting a small amount of time each evening to planning your next day. In fact, people who plan report being happier and sleeping better than ... read more

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