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10 Scientifically Proven Methods for Selling More Stuff with Less Work

It's the ultimate marketing fantasy: you press a button, send an email, and money pours into your bank account.

But, before that can happen, a lot of work must be put into things like finding or creating the right products for the right audience, locating that audience, and then convincing them to buy what you want to sell.

Which brings us to today's topic: how do you persuade people to buy? How can you make persuasiveness second nature to you, so that no matter what you do – write an email, a sales letter, or a blog post – your copy moves ... read more


The Number One Reason JVZoo Products Fail

Some marketers strike gold with their first product and then wonder why their second, third, and fourth products fail to sell.

Or, despite following the advice to "create products that solve problems," they never create a successful product.

They discovered a problem. They figured it out. However, the solution they devised is unpopular.

Log in to JVZoo or Warriorplus and look through all of the products that have sold 10 or fewer copies.

What do these products have in common, assuming they were promoted and shown to potential buyers?

They don't solve a problem that buyers have.

It's one thing to identify a problem and devise ... read more

Marketing Tips

Growth Hacking: Increase Traffic and Customers through Integrations

If you've never considered integrating your business with another service or product that your customers already use, you should take notice of this trend.

Companies and entrepreneurs are collaborating with non-competing entities to reach the same customers, significantly increase traffic and sales, and keep their customers for a much longer period of time.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Determine who your customers are.

If you don't know who your customers are, you won't be able to find them or make money from them. Whatever your product or service is, the fact remains that NOT EVERYONE is your customer.

I'm not sure why marketers ... read more


The Smarties Guide to Content

Edward Dee moved his family from England to New Jersey, USA, in January 1949. He rented a space, installed two machines, and began producing Smarties®, a candy wafer roll.

If you've ever tried one of these, you'll know that each roll contains 15 disc-shaped candies in a variety of colors and flavors. When you put one in your mouth, you'll get a pleasant, mild taste of... something.

It's not always easy to figure out what the flavors are, and that's because there isn't always enough of it to truly make an impression.

So, what do you do while you're munching on these little ... read more

Marketing Tips

Do Your Landing Page Images Stink?

If the images on your landing pages aren't increasing conversions, it's time to change them.

Everything on your landing page should contribute to a higher conversion rate, or it does not belong there.

And yet, time and again, I see those cheesy 1990s stock images that tell me the marketer who put that page together has no idea what she's doing.

Worse, there is no image at all. Of course, if you've tested a powerful image against no image and found that not having an image converted better, that's fantastic.

It is also an exception because having a great image on your landing page ... read more


Can't Write a Good Headline?

Writing headlines that are powerful, catch the reader's attention, draw the reader into your copy, and SELL is difficult.

It takes effort. Error and trial. Brainstorming. Research.

What exactly is the purpose of this product? What is the ONE OUTSTANDING advantage? In a small headline, how do you convey this benefit?

I can tell you're stressed just thinking about it. Or maybe that's just me projecting my feelings onto you, because I'm feeling the same way.

Writing headlines is difficult for one reason: the words you choose have a lot riding on them, especially when it comes to the headline for your sales copy.

The ... read more

Business Tips

Dan Kennedy's Wealth Creation Lesson

Dan Kenney, a renowned marketing instructor, tells the story of an entrepreneur who hired him to look over his entire business with fresh eyes and figure out why it wasn't earning its full potential.

Dan observed and analyzed the entire operation. He examined the company from top to bottom, paying close attention to each of the five employees.

Dan then sat down with the client and delivered his verdict: fire the office manager, who had been with the entrepreneur the longest. Dan claimed she was sabotaging new initiatives, ignoring procedures, undermining morale, and driving customers away.

However, the entrepreneur insisted that he required ... read more


This will DOUBLE The Impact of Testimonials

If you do this one thing, testimonials, testimonial headlines, and even regular headlines are twice as likely to be read by your prospect...

...add quotation marks

Consider this difference:

For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!


“For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!”

Quotation marks lend instant credibility to your copy.

And because the second example is more noticeable, it is twice as likely to be read. This trick can even be used on headlines to get skimmers to STOP and pay attention.

Here's another neat trick for getting testimonials:

Determine what your customer desires, and then use a quote to demonstrate that they ... read more

Case Studies

Case Study: How to Make $100,000 in One Week

If you need a large sum of money, this could be the way to go. To make this work, you'll need a few assets, but most online and even many offline marketers already have what it takes.

You can only use this method occasionally, but here's the thing: you can make a lot of money teaching other marketers and business owners how to do it as well.

Assume you're speaking with Joe, the restaurant owner, and Joe mentions that he urgently requires a large sum of cash. You can set everything up for him, and he'll have the money in his hands ... read more


The Statistic That Terrifies Marketers

You've most likely heard this before...

And I had previously ignored it. Why? Because you had no idea what to do about it.

"Eight out of ten people will read your headline, but only two will read the rest of your landing page."


If you have a bad headline, you will have a bad conversion rate. And the only way to fix this – the ONLY way – is to work on that headline and compare it to other headlines to see which works best. This gives you control, and you continue to test it against other headlines until something beats your control ... read more

Case Studies

Case Study: Newsletters Earn $50,000 Per Year

First and foremost, I must state that the $50,000 a year figure is ridiculously conservative. Judy earns more than that, but I wanted to make it look realistic for even the most inexperienced marketer.

So, how does Judy (not her real name) make well over $50,000 per year with a monthly newsletter while only spending about 10 hours per month on it?

She promotes the newsletter to everyone who joins her list as soon as they sign up. This means that whenever she gives away a lead magnet to get someone on her list, or when they buy a product from her, ... read more


The Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistake

Most Instagram marketers believe that by commenting and engaging with people who have millions of followers, they will gain customers.

But that's like throwing a pebble into the ocean and expecting a tidal wave to form.

Follow people in your industry who have fewer than 10,000 followers instead. There are bound to be movers and shakers in your niche who do not prioritize gaining Instagram followers, which is why they only have a few hundred or a few thousand.

And they will pay attention if you make a thoughtful comment on something they said. To continue our analogy, you're now dropping a boulder ... read more

Case Studies

Case Study: Making a Six-Figure Income by Capturing Birthdays

This one is both familiar and completely unique. That is to say, I've seen people do something similar before, but never from this perspective.

And I think it's absolutely brilliant.

We'll call our guy Mark, and I'm allowed to tell you that Mark works in the United States, but this could work almost anywhere.

Mark helps businesses set up SMS messaging with their customers. He primarily targets restaurants, bars, and movie theaters, but he also has a few amusement parks and other businesses.

The idea is to find places where a group of people could go to celebrate a birthday.

He configures SMS messaging for ... read more


I don't have time to make a plan!

"I don't have time to make a plan!"

Have you ever felt so behind on your work that you didn't have time to plan?

Planning is similar to exercising in that the more you do it, the better you feel and the more you accomplish.

When people who are overworked take the time to exercise, they become more productive. Exercising, in fact, SAVES them time.

The same is true for planning. You become more productive and less stressed by devoting a small amount of time each evening to planning your next day. In fact, people who plan report being happier and sleeping better than ... read more

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