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A Sales Copy Tip that Breaks a Golden Rule

If you've ever taken a sales copywriting class, you'll know that you never, ever reveal the price until you've justified it.

You must create value, make the prospect want your product, and drive them insane with desire. Then you must demonstrate that your product is worth a lot of money, and I mean a LOT of money.

Only then, and only then, can you reveal the price.

That is, at least, the rule.

But rules are made to be broken, and there are two occasions when you can do so.

The first is when your price serves as your primary selling point. Your prospect already knows they like jewelry and has seen a picture of the stunning sapphire necklace you're offering. You say - "Only $29 for this genuine 3 carat sapphire necklace, the exact replica of the priceless necklace that her royal highness the Princess of Topazaschia wore at her royal wedding,".

The second scenario is when your price is absurdly high.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit at the table with eight-figure online marketers for $100,000." We can only accept three people, and when your name came up at our most recent meeting, I knew you were the one we wanted to invite to apply for membership."

You're probably wondering why you'd tell them right away that the price is $100,000.

Imagine you receive that letter and they tell you right away that they're inviting you to apply for one of three seats, which will cost you $100,000.

Even if you don't have $100,000, chances are you'll keep reading because this is a glimpse into a world you only fantasize about. Plus, you're not afraid to admit it: you're flattered.

And if you are truly a candidate for the $100,000 mastermind group, you will immediately recognize that this is something special and extremely valuable. Why else would it be so expensive?

That is why you will continue reading to find out what it is all about.

Remember, the two times you can reveal your price right at the start of your sales letter or video are when the price is extremely low or extremely high.

But isn't that another rule?

As a test, I'm going to start revealing prices right away, compare it to the standard method of establishing value first, and see which one converts better.

I know I'm sick of watching 30-minute sales videos to find out WHAT they're selling and HOW MUCH it costs.

I'm preoccupied. You're preoccupied. Our clients are extremely busy. Perhaps it's worth experimenting to see what happens.

What are your thoughts? Is it possible that I've gone insane?

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