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Are you making these 5 YouTube mistakes?

If you're an experienced YouTube marketer, you've probably already learned not to do these five things.

But if you're new to YouTube, don't worry; these are the same mistakes that almost everyone makes at first, and they're simple to fix.

1: Producing Videos on Almost Anything

It's tempting to make several videos per week, if not every day, just to get a lot of content on YouTube. However, unless one of those videos goes viral, all of your efforts will be futile.

Instead, concentrate solely on content that establishes you as a reliable source. When your growing audience realizes that each and every one of your videos is gold, they'll keep watching.

Your goal is to establish yourself as THE go-to resource for your specific niche, product, or service.

2: Uploading a Gazillion Promotional Videos

Okay, a gazillion is a large number, but darned if there aren't channels out there with video after video all saying the same thing – "BUY MY STUFF!"

Big blunder. If you want to make your channel a valuable destination that people WANT to visit, you should tone down the self-promotion and instead focus on providing value (think 'education') and building rapport with your audience.

3: Getting Your Titles Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Because you're the expert, you give your video a title that reflects YOUR point of view.

However, guess what? Your audience is looking for answers from THEIR perspective, not yours.

Maybe you have the perfect video for them, but if they can't find it, they won't see it.

ASK your YouTube subscribers what they're looking for by polling them via the Community Tab. Alternatively, conduct a keyword search for what people are looking for. Alternatively, find relevant YouTube channels and read the comments to learn what language your target audience is using.

Are you stumped as to what your next video will be? Enter a relevant phrase into the Google search bar and see what comes up. Then, as the title of your next video, use this exact phrase.

4: Lack of Consistency

If someone clicks on your marketing video on Facebook, they will expect the rest of your videos to be similar. However, if they find videos of dog tricks or your family vacation, it becomes strange and confusing, and they will leave.

When making a video, consider what the next logical question that your viewer might have, and then make a video about it. This way, you can create entire series of videos on topics such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and so on, and your viewers will keep coming back for more.

5: Using Low-Quality Thumbnails

Because your YouTube video thumbnails should help sell the click, using a random shot of you talking is usually not going to work.

Instead, on your thumbnail, include a headline that speaks to what the visitor is looking for. If someone searches for "How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies" and your thumbnail text says "Voted World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie," you're more likely to get clicked.

Bonus YouTube Marketing Suggestions

1: The key to successful YouTube marketing is as simple as two circles...

...One circle represents all of the content you can create to help your business.

...The other circle contains all of the content you can create that will benefit your audience.

Determine which content does BOTH at the same time (where the two circles overlap) and create it.

Every time you consider creating new content, consider whether it will benefit both your business and your audience. If it doesn't, reconsider.

2: Here's how to get email subscribers from YouTube:

Make a video showing how to do something related to your business.

Maybe there are 20 ways to do it, and you show them three of them in the video. Then, throughout the video, promote your freebie.

You finish tip #1 and say, "This is just a taste of what I cover in depth in this free guide." You can obtain it by clicking on the link in the description.

Then you finish tip #2 and casually (no hard sell) mention that you cover it more thoroughly in the guide.

Then, when you've finished the third tip, remind them that they've only gotten a taste of what you have to offer and that they can get more in the free guide.

This informs the viewer right away that the video is valuable, and the report is even more valuable. It also establishes you as the expert they must listen to.

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