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Case Study: Making a Six-Figure Income by Capturing Birthdays

This one is both familiar and completely unique. That is to say, I've seen people do something similar before, but never from this perspective.

And I think it's absolutely brilliant.

We'll call our guy Mark, and I'm allowed to tell you that Mark works in the United States, but this could work almost anywhere.

Mark helps businesses set up SMS messaging with their customers. He primarily targets restaurants, bars, and movie theaters, but he also has a few amusement parks and other businesses.

The idea is to find places where a group of people could go to celebrate a birthday.

He configures SMS messaging for the company and then trains employees to collect customers' phone numbers and birthdays so that the company can send out a free birthday gift redeemable on that person's birthday.

On their birthday, a restaurant, for example, may provide a free meal to the birthday person. But who goes out to eat alone on their birthday? The birthday person usually brings at least one and often several friends, all of whom eat and drink as well.

Plus, the birthday person may have drinks, appetizers, or dessert, which all adds up.

The beauty of this strategy is as follows: People may be hesitant to receive SMS messages from a company. However, if you offer a FREE MEAL, you will overcome much of the opposition. People want the free meal, and they won't mind if they also get some other deals throughout the year.

And what happens when that birthday person is in the restaurant celebrating with their friends? She also offers everyone else at the table a free meal on THEIR birthdays!

Now, that one person who came in to celebrate their birthday not only brought in a lot of other business from their friends, but their friends have signed up for SMS and will bring their friends in on their birthday as well.

It's a sneaky way to quickly build an SMS list while increasing profits.

Just two birthdays per week, attended by four other friends, can easily result in an extra $200 per week for the business. Ten birthdays could result in an extra $1,000 per week.

Then there's all the goodwill generated by giving away birthday dinners, movie tickets, and so on. Customer loyalty is difficult to quantify, but it does imply more positive online reviews, more customer visits, and so on.

Remember that the company can now SMS special offers to customers throughout the rest of the year.

Mark charges a one-time fee to set up SMS and train employees to capture emails. As you might expect, this takes him very little time.

Then he takes care of the SMS messaging for the businesses so they don't have to. Typically, he will create an SMS calendar with the company so that everything is pre-planned. For example, on the first Tuesday of each month, there is a buy one, get one half off coupon. The second Friday of the month is a TGIF special. St. Patrick's Day is a discount coupon for half off green beer, and so on.

Businesses appreciate that all they have to do is capture phone numbers, and Mark handles the rest. Mark appreciates that each business provides him with cash up front as well as a consistent stream of monthly income. And he delegated all of his work to an assistant, allowing him to focus on acquiring new clients.

And that's all Mark would say to me. I pressed him for more information, financial figures, and so on, but he refused to share anything else. Maybe I should have bought him more drinks to loosen his tongue, but here's the deal:

Everything you need to get started is already in your possession. Select an SMS service, build a small website, and begin contacting restaurant owners. This is such a straightforward method of assisting businesses that I believe you'll find it relatively easy to land your first client. You can explain the advantages in about a minute.

And once you have a few clients, showing new prospects how much revenue this birthday SMS system is bringing to your current clients will make this service extremely easy to sell.

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