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Case Study: Newsletters Earn $50,000 Per Year

First and foremost, I must state that the $50,000 a year figure is ridiculously conservative. Judy earns more than that, but I wanted to make it look realistic for even the most inexperienced marketer.

So, how does Judy (not her real name) make well over $50,000 per year with a monthly newsletter while only spending about 10 hours per month on it?

She promotes the newsletter to everyone who joins her list as soon as they sign up. This means that whenever she gives away a lead magnet to get someone on her list, or when they buy a product from her, or when they buy one of her products through an affiliate, they are immediately bombarded with the newsletter offer.

For four reasons, Judy is adamant about promoting this newsletter as her flagship product.

For starters, when someone subscribes to the newsletter, they are three times more likely to open and read her non-newsletter emails. Judy believes this is due to name recognition and the trust she establishes through the newsletter.

Second, because they trust her, they are more likely to buy other products from her, both her own and affiliate products.

Third, the majority of her coaching clients find her through the newsletter. These clients pay her $1,000 per month for two one-hour sessions. If you're doing the math, that works out to $500 per hour.

Fourth, Judy discovered that it is approximately four times easier to get her newsletter subscribers to sign up for SMS messages, and we all know how profitable those can be, don't we? This entails direct offers to a cell phone, quick purchasing decisions, and instant money.

Okay, now you understand why she works so hard to promote her newsletter, which, by the way, costs only $20 per month. Yes, the recurring revenue from the newsletter is good, but it also allows her to have all of these other income streams.

Having a newsletter, on the other hand, forces Judy to create content every month. She admits that prior to the newsletter, she put off creating content. Every month, she dives in and creates an awesome newsletter for her many subscribers.

She then uses the newsletter to promote new products as well as figure out what products she should create.

It is simple to promote products within the newsletter. She'll show you how to do something step by step, and along the way, she'll recommend tools or even done-for-you solutions.

She also solicits feedback from her subscribers on her newsletter. She's keeping an eye on which articles get a lot of attention. She can use this feedback, with a little more investigation, to determine whether a popular article means she should create a product around that topic.

She also writes articles as test balloons to see what kind of feedback she receives before developing a product. She claims that this has saved her about a dozen times in the last few years from creating products that would almost certainly have failed.

Finally, she uses her newsletter content to create new products. It can sometimes be as simple as grouping together some old issues and selling them to non-subscribers along with a trial subscription to her newsletter. She's also created books from her newsletters and guest blog posts.

She collaborates with other marketers to offer their best products at steep discounts ONLY to her newsletter subscribers. And four times a year, she allows a marketer to guest post in her newsletter with a large spread in the middle of the magazine, which she refers to as a bonus section. Of course, she charges these marketers for the privilege of writing this bonus section, and they are permitted to market their own product in it.

Judy's newsletter, as you can see, is at the heart of her business. It enables her to sell far more of her other products, sell more affiliate products, decide which products to create next, and generates a monthly residual income she can rely on regardless of what else happens that month.

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