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Do Your Landing Page Images Stink?

If the images on your landing pages aren't increasing conversions, it's time to change them.

Everything on your landing page should contribute to a higher conversion rate, or it does not belong there.

And yet, time and again, I see those cheesy 1990s stock images that tell me the marketer who put that page together has no idea what she's doing.

Worse, there is no image at all. Of course, if you've tested a powerful image against no image and found that not having an image converted better, that's fantastic.

It is also an exception because having a great image on your landing page that does most or all of the following will increase your conversion rate.

1: Displays your product.

What do you see on TV when you see a hamburger commercial? A super close-up of a steaming hot burger. You're disgusted if you're a vegetarian. But if you're their target audience, you're salivating for that burger even though you didn't realize you were hungry until seconds ago.

Get right to the point and showcase your product at its best. Using the power of your image, make your visitor WANT THAT PRODUCT.

2: elicits an emotional response.

This is the section in which you demonstrate to your customer how your product or service will make them feel once they have it. Maybe they're grinning and hugging your product. Or they've used your product and are now glowing with confidence and happiness.

You can even show how bad they feel RIGHT NOW as a result of their major issue, followed by a second image that shows how great they feel after using your product.

Perhaps you can assist entrepreneurs in solidifying their business plan. The previous image could be a cartoon of them being completely perplexed by the nearly infinite number of options and paths available to them. The second image depicts the same entrepreneur looking completely in control, happy, and successful as they embark on the ONE path that will lead them directly to massive success with no obstacles in sight.

3: It isn't one of those old stock photos.

It's so easy to find a stock image of a sexy woman looking overjoyed, add it to your page, and call it a day.

And, yes, that MIGHT be the exact image that works best for your page. However, 9 out of 10 times, a stock image LOOKS like a stock image. People may not realize why the image does not resonate with them; all they know is that it does not feel right.

That is why, no matter what image you choose, you must test it.

Search for THE EXACT image that works best for you. Even better, make your own. Engage the services of a professional photographer, illustrator, graphic artist, or cartoonist to create an image that is as effective as possible at capturing attention and converting visitors.

4: Don't forget to think about the page copy as well as the call to action.

Your image does not stand on its own. It must be in sync with everything else on your page, or it will not function at all.

Consider how your image is being used as well. Is it the entire page's background? Is it the page's border? Is it to the left of the sign-up form, or to the right? The location is important. If it's the background or border, it should support the copy without drawing too much attention to it. However, if it stands out from the copy, it can be more creative, detailed, and attention-grabbing.

5: It could be a cartoon.

This was mentioned earlier, but it is worth mentioning again. People can't help but be drawn to cartoons. It's even better if your cartoon includes at least one cartoon person. And cartoons can be created to illustrate virtually any point.

The key is to keep the cartoon as simple as possible. Don't include any extraneous elements in the cartoon that aren't necessary for the message. Anyone should be able to understand the cartoon's message in a matter of seconds.

6: Thinks twice before going all out.

Image carousels, auto-played videos, animations, and other similar elements can be extremely off-putting if the viewer isn't prepared for them. If you do include these elements, make it super easy for the prospect to pause.

7: Think about your color scheme.

Is the image compatible with your overall color scheme? This may appear to be a minor detail, but if you have a specific style associated with your brand, such as colors and fonts, your image should blend in with this scheme rather than clash with it.

Are you stumped as to where to begin? You could also try They have a plethora of design tools to assist you in creating the perfect unique images for all of your marketing.

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