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How to Get the Most Out of Your Critics

Your dumb-bag boss fired you.

A troll on social media slammed you.

You got a bad review from a know-it-all knucklehead who couldn't even find her own butt with her hands, let alone do what you do.


You must now make a choice.

You have the option of curling up in a ball in your closet and never come out ...

... or you can channel your rage towards achieving greater heights of success.

A great young guitarist was kicked out of his band in 1983, just as they were about to sign their first record deal. They were set to begin recording their first album in New York when they woke up their guitarist and handed him a bus ticket back to Los Angeles with no explanation.

What the heck is going on here?

It's a long bus travel across the United States, but by the time his bus arrived in Los Angeles, he'd overcome his self-pity and resolved to form a new band. He decided that his previous band members would be green with envy if this new band was successful. While he was onstage in front of thousands, they'd be flipping burgers and playing bad gigs in clubs.

This guitarist practiced like a mad man. He looked everywhere for the best musicians for his new band, all of whom were better musicians than those in his former band. His rage drove his ambition, and vengeance became a muse for him. He wrote scores of songs, acquired countless musical connections, and his band signed their own record deal within a few years. Their first album earned gold a year later.

Dave Mustaine, the guitarist, is now regarded as one of the most brilliant and influential musicians in heavy metal history. Megadeath is his band, and they've traveled the world extensively and sold over 25 million albums.

Isn't that a fantastic story? That is precisely how you may use your detractors to help you achieve your goals.

There's one more thing you should know about this story: the band that fired Dave Mustaine was known as Metallica, and they sold 180 million albums worldwide. Many people consider Metallica to be one of the best tock bands of all time.

Because of this, and despite his enormous success, Dave Mustaine still sees himself as a failure because he was the one who got ejected out of Metallica.

Which merely goes to demonstrate that success and drive are mostly determined by the thoughts you choose. Dave might have given up music, but instead he channeled his rage into a drive to become a legend.

Dave is a multimillionaire with hundreds of thousands of loving fans and a lucrative profession doing what he enjoys. Despite this, Dave continues to believe he is a failure because he measures success by comparing his band to Metallica.

Dave places a higher priority on 'beating' Metallica than doing what he loves, making millions, or having his own band with millions of fans.

What are your priorities? And how will you know whether you've made it?

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