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The 40% Rule to Success

Jerry Itzler invited a US Navy Seal to stay with him for a month in order to teach and train his host.

The Seal asked Jerry how many pullups he could do the day he arrived. Jerry admitted that he wasn't very good at it and only got about 8. The Seal said to take 30 seconds and do it again, so Jerry struggled for another 6. The Seal told him to do it again, and Jerry barely managed 3 times in 30 seconds.

Jerry is so exhausted at this point that he can't move his arms, which is when the Seal says, "All right, we're not leaving here until you do 100 more." And while Jerry didn't think it was possible, he managed to do 100 one by one with the Seal showing him how.

There is so much more we are all capable of doing than we realize. We have reserves that we rarely use. According to Seal, when your mind tells you that you're finished, you're actually only 40% done.

Whatever you're aiming for, how do you keep going when you hit a brick wall and your mind tells you to give up? What drives you to overcome that mental barrier and cross the finish line? Whatever it is – your family, a vision of your future, a specific goal – you must keep it front and center so that when you hit a wall, you will have the determination to smash through it and keep going.

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