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The Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistake

Most Instagram marketers believe that by commenting and engaging with people who have millions of followers, they will gain customers.

But that's like throwing a pebble into the ocean and expecting a tidal wave to form.

Follow people in your industry who have fewer than 10,000 followers instead. There are bound to be movers and shakers in your niche who do not prioritize gaining Instagram followers, which is why they only have a few hundred or a few thousand.

And they will pay attention if you make a thoughtful comment on something they said. To continue our analogy, you're now dropping a boulder into a pond, and there will be significant ripples.

Aside from that, if you direct message (DM) someone on Instagram who has a large number of followers, there's a good chance your message isn't even being delivered. This is due to Instagram's control over which messages are delivered and which are not. In addition, if the recipient receives a high volume of DMs, Instagram will withhold some of those messages. The recipient can search for DMs from a specific follower, and the message will appear, but it will never, ever reach the recipient.

Again, if you're looking for new customers and clients on Instagram, target movers and shakers with fewer than 10,000 followers, and you'll see results.

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