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The Number One Reason JVZoo Products Fail

Some marketers strike gold with their first product and then wonder why their second, third, and fourth products fail to sell.

Or, despite following the advice to "create products that solve problems," they never create a successful product.

They discovered a problem. They figured it out. However, the solution they devised is unpopular.

Log in to JVZoo or Warriorplus and look through all of the products that have sold 10 or fewer copies.

What do these products have in common, assuming they were promoted and shown to potential buyers?

They don't solve a problem that buyers have.

It's one thing to identify a problem and devise a solution for it. Yeah! You solved a problem that YOU believed needed to be solved.

That's exactly what you wanted. Is it, however, what everyone else wants? Buyers will not buy if they do not have this problem or do not see the need to solve it.

You must sell solutions to problems that customers are willing to pay to have fixed.

Too many marketers focus on the first half of the above statement and ignore the second.

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