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This will DOUBLE The Impact of Testimonials

If you do this one thing, testimonials, testimonial headlines, and even regular headlines are twice as likely to be read by your prospect...

...add quotation marks

Consider this difference:

For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!


“For Years I Struggled with Arthritis, But No More!”

Quotation marks lend instant credibility to your copy.

And because the second example is more noticeable, it is twice as likely to be read. This trick can even be used on headlines to get skimmers to STOP and pay attention.

Here's another neat trick for getting testimonials:

Determine what your customer desires, and then use a quote to demonstrate that they will receive it.

If super-fast delivery is important to your prospect, for example, find a quote about it and place it next to the order form.

"My Miracle Arthritis product arrived in just two days!"

You're not only demonstrating to the customer that they can expect quick delivery, but you're also breaking down resistance. You are not claiming that delivery is quick – one of their fellow customers is.

The testimonial goes a long way toward proving that the claim of quick delivery is true, and you never had to make the claim yourself.

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